Reusable Hemp pads

Reusable Hemp pads

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Made from a bamboo and an organic hemp/cotton blend these cute reusable pads are fantastic for removing make up or the dirt and grime of the day.

Simply wet, wipe, bob in the wash and reuse.

Did you know that making the simple switch to reusable facial pads from disposable face wipes or cotton pads can make a big difference! Not only cutting the cost down, but it's also miles better for the planet. Cotton pads use large amounts of land area and water to produce, only to then be used and disposed of. Face wipes are not only bad for your skin but they too have a devistating effect on our environment, the majority actually contain plastic!

So to help you ditch these items we’ve decided to collaborate with local business Solo Sunrise Eco who have produced these organic hemp face pads that can be washed and reused again and again. They have a rough hemp fabric side for exfoliation, a super soft fleece side for more sensitive skin and a matching storage/washbag. You can also use the fleece side to apply toners and lotions!



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