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Changing my Gardening habits - one thing at a time.

                              Cultivating Sustainability:

         Eco-Friendly Practices for Early Spring Gardening

It is early spring -   I have been doing some bits in my garden over winter - Washing plant pots and boxes, checking the compost bins are happy and composting, covering areas of growing with house pets used and leftover litter trays; watching the daffodils grow, and finally sorting out my seeds and buying some to fill the gaps.

So, how do I know it is time to do anything else ?

My cats are dashing about for one. Instead of  languishing around on the settees indoors, they have been bounding about in the garden and dashing around with a wild look in their eyes, and basically staying out a lot more. So even though there was still a bite in the air, I knew my spring was coming. This week, the air is warmer still, and I have spotted lots of buds on plants and the cowslips are flowering. So, in my part of the world, Spring is finally here.






I thought I had best remind myself about what to do to keep being sustainable in my gardening practices with a good old google search –

1- Work on the soil – compost 

I have made a fair bit myself and added some from the garden centre just to top it up ; minimal tillage – I am not digging a lot for anybody ! so layering card and compost - that works great for me, the worms, the insects, and therefore other wildlife as well as  the soil structure. As an extra this year I am trialling some hay in old recycling boxes with a layer of compost ontop. soil - Tick

2- Water conservation strategies 

Mulching = done with the rabbit and cat compostable litter tray contents; also by not pulling the leaves that last years growing created; harvested rainwater in my water butts. Water conservation - Tick

3 - Integrated Pest Management 

Planning my growing = crops will be rotated, and I have the seeds to grow companion plants, birds are abundant here and know they are wanted as a lot of us generally feed them all winter. IPM - Tick

 4 - Creating habitat for wildlife 

Native plants incorporated, which actually makes sure they survive as they just get on with it . Water features include a proper bird bath and various sculptural endeavours ( my handmade ones over the years !) that just happen to collect water really well. Refuge for creatures include an old hen house where the hedgehogs' and possibly a few mice have been hibernating over winter. Thick mulching almost everywhere plus my little woodland area underneath the older apple tree. And finally the thick mixed hedge at the back and one at the front that gets thicker each year.  Habitats for wildlife - Tick

An ongoing Journey

And I am going to leave this bit that  google found  for me because it reads so beautifully

5-Sustainable gardening is an ongoing journey of discovery and adaptation, requiring a willingness to learn from experience and embrace change. Stay informed about emerging research, innovative techniques, and local environmental conditions to optimize garden productivity while minimizing environmental impact. Attend workshops, join community gardening groups, and participate in citizen science projects to connect with like-minded individuals and exchange knowledge and resources. By cultivating a spirit of curiosity and experimentation, gardeners can continuously refine their practices and contribute to the collective effort towards a more sustainable future. Ongoing Journey - Tick

I am doing OKAY

In conclusion, I am doing ok in my ecological/ sustainable gardening – not perfect , but okay,  and I am sure there will be more learning as I go through this next year !.(I will let you know on our facebook page !)

  I am changing my habits one at a time.

I find it is always worth remembering that lots of little changes can build to make a BIG difference.

Through mindful action and collective effort, gardeners can play a pivotal role in fostering harmony between humans and the natural world, ensuring a thriving and sustainable future for generations to come.

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and some further reading on sustainable gardening can be found in these links 

RHS 10 ways to be more sustainable in your garden

Woodland Trust   top tips to be more environmentally friendly in your garden

Happy Springtime and
Happy sustainable gardening from us all at Bee Clean Soaps
Changing our washing habits – one bar of soap at a time

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