Eco-Friendly Production

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Bee Clean Soaps began with the mission of protecting little fingers and encouraging big change. We aim to continue learning how to keep our planet safe, one eco-friendly soap bar at a time. 

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Plastic Free Packaging

We aim to keep the air and ocean clean by delivering our products in packaging that is 100% plastic free. Whether you are buying our lovingly boxed soap bars or natural bath salts, you can rest assured knowing that once you’ve lathered yourself up, you can recycle or compost the rubbish with ease. 

No general waste, only general delight.

Eco-Conscious Ingredients

We scrutinise our ingredients so that you don’t have to. 

From using essential oils and remaining free from artificial additives to ensuring our shea butter is sourced from COSMOS certified suppliers, we guarantee ethical, sustainable and synthetic-free production at every stage. 

This way, we continue to uphold our promise to achieve clean bodies and a clean planet. 

Supporting Wildlife

The welfare of animals sits in all of our hearts. 

It is no secret that we are a team of bee enthusiasts. We are passionate about protecting the welfare of bees and our commitment to supplying ethically produced honey from local suppliers is just one of the ways that we treat wildlife with the respect it so desperately deserves. 

From production to sale, we put wildlife at the core of our business.

Locally Sourced Ingredients

It is a privilege to be located in the Yorkshire countryside; a county with access to some of the best ingredients in the country. So why would we go anywhere else? 

At Bee Clean Soaps, we are proud to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum by supplying our customers with eco-friendly soap bars whose ingredients are sourced from Yorkshire, wherever possible.


Bringing you eco-friendly soap bars with luxury, quality and sensitive skin in mind. 


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