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Why compromise the planet when nature is beneficial for everyone? 

At Bee Clean Soaps, we care about the products that we’re putting on our skin. That’s why our artisan skincare products are lovingly handcrafted using all natural ingredients, and we remain fully transparent about what those are.  

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Essential oils at our core 

In order to create soap that smells and feels luxurious against the skin, whilst also being kind to the planet, we infuse our soap bars with essential oils. 

Essential oils achieve a glorious smell and texture without which our soaps simply wouldn’t be the same. Even our unscented collection is packed to the brim with natural base oils like Coconut Oil and Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil that are responsible for its long-lasting formula. 

The benefits of essential oils in soap are often underestimated, but we are firm believers that they create the best soaps on the market.

Free From Synthetics

We believe that synthetic ingredients are no match for the creations nature already gifts us. 

In fact, every purpose that man-made ingredients have in soap, nature does better. 

TO SOFTEN: We use COSMOS certified shea butter in all of our natural soap bars and lotion bars. COSMOS hold their suppliers to the highest standards of ethical production and sustainability standards, as well as being organic and all natural

TO SCENT: We source locally produced essential oils to create subtle scents that are never intensified using synthetic ingredients 

TO TEXTURE: We use dried flowers, leaves, poppyseeds and other natural additives that extend our commitment to creating natural soap bars that are safe for sensitive skin

TO CLEAN: We use lye; the ingredient that gives soap its name. Without lye, it simply wouldn’t clean your skin

TO ENRICH: We are dedicated to enriching every bar of soap with locally sourced, ethically produced honey

TO COLOUR: We use essential oils and the already existing ingredients in our soap. This creates a wonderful, neutral colour and adds an extra bit of flair from the ingredients themselves

Safe for sensitive skin

Our little soap shop began with the aim of bringing luxury, sustainable products into a home where little fingers and toes needed catering for. Because of this, our original products; the Honey and Oatmeal Soap Bar and Milk and Honey Soap Bar were created. 

These staples of our company have since been given the title of Baby Safe Certified soap bars, and this is due to our use of natural ingredients, with no hidden nasties. We are proud to be included in this certification. 

Our dedication to creating natural products has given us the ability to bring a soap that really is safe for the most sensitive skin to families across the UK.

Bringing you all natural soap bars with luxury, quality and sensitive skin in mind. 


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