Our Story

Bee Clean Soaps is was created in the little village of Beal, North Yorkshire. The business was created in 2019 after a decision to give up my career in Nursing in favour of being a 'Stay at Home Mum'.

As if my two gorgeous girls weren’t enough, I wanted a project to get my teeth into. I wanted to find something which would help reduce plastics in the household and would help promote more ethical and sustainable living as well as demonstrate to my daughters, Women Can… so I learnt to soap. With few transferable skills it has been a long journey with lots and lots of learning involved, but I have loved (and quite frequently been frustrated) by the challenge. 

Bee Clean Soaps is built on the love and support of family and friends who frequently muck in and help where they can, whether its lending technical support, business know how or simply a pair of hands to help lovingly wrap each soap bar

 Our Ethos

- To be plastic free

- To support local and small businesses

- To use compostable or recyclable packaging - British made where possible

- To produce affordable quality soaps using ethical, sustainable ingredients.

- To be palm oil free 

- Handmade in Yorkshire


Bee-ing Clean

We aim to reduce our environmental impact through our ingredient and packaging choices.


These are locally sourced wherever possible and we use only natural colourants and scents.


We wrap our soaps in plant-based cellophane or acid free tissue paper which can be composted at home.

Our Kraft gift boxes are all made from recycled materials which where possible are manufactured in Britain and can be recycled. 

Our delivery boxes and fillers are usually up-cycled from boxes we as a family or as a business have received goods in. Occasionally these might contain plastic, however we are big believers in reusing what we have got and reducing the need for purchasing packaging if we can, even if its environmentally friendly. Did you know that the UK produces around 2.4 million tonnes of packaging waste a year!!


Bees are not just important for the honey and wax we use in our soap, they have a huge environmental significance. Many are under threat due to modern farming practices, loss of habitat and the way we look after our green spaces.

We aim to be Bee friendly by choosing to have our initial soap range made with lavender essential oil. This promotes the growth of lavender crops which are a favourite with the bees. We recently switched to using organic Lavender essential oil too, so even better for our buzzy besties. We also want to help do our best to try and protect them for future generations, as such we have chosen to donate 10% of our profits to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

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