The Bee Clean Soaps Story

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Our Story

Bee Clean Soaps began its journey in a small village in North Yorkshire, born from the desire to reduce unnecessary plastic waste in the household. Over the years, we have channelled our passion for ethical production and the environment around us to bring high quality, all-natural and sustainable soap bars to homes in our community. 

Bee Clean Soaps has been built on the love and support of family and friends who frequently muck in and help where they can, whether it's lending technical support, business know-how or simply a pair of hands to help lovingly wrap each soap bar.

As a result, the company has expanded from a micro business born in a kitchen to establishing its own workshop and being stocked in some fantastic stores across the country. It is our pride and joy, and our little family vows to always keep our business where our heart is: home. 

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Bee-ing Friendly 

Our natural soap bars are lovingly handmade using 100% locally sourced honey. But bees aren’t just important for the honey and wax we use in our soaps; they have huge environmental significance. 

We aim to Bee friendly by sourcing our honey from ethical beekeepers in Yorkshire, and choosing to make our soap range using lavender and rapeseed essential oils. Wherever possible, we use organic ingredients to benefit the planet as well as our buzzy buddies. 

Bee Clean Soaps aims to protect bee populations which is why we have chosen to donate 10% of our profits to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust 

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