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Why is Seaweed Good for your Skin?

Seaweed is the common term for plant-based algae, available in thousands of varieties of species across the globe. Seaweed is a type of nutritional plant found in most bodies of water, most commonly on shorelines, lakes and rivers. Certain kelp species of seaweed form ecological nurseries for marine life to inhabit and in doing so play a part in protecting food sources. Planktonic Algae, another critical species for our planet, is one of the key carbon capture solutions, contributing to 50% of Earth’s oxygen.

Is Seaweed good for you?

Seaweed is one of the most abundant naturally occurring skincare resources found today and is very good for the skin thanks to its many skincare properties. When properly prepared, seaweed has shown to have many positive effects on multiple skin types. It’s exactly for this reason we’ve used it as a key ingredient in our all-natural artisan Seaweed Soap.  


seaweed habitat

Why is seaweed good for you?

Seaweed has numerous skincare benefits, depending on the species, and can be particularly helpful for individuals with dry skin. This is due to several factors:


  • Regulates oil production
 Certain seaweed is shown to reduce the production of oils in the skin while others are seen to reduce the bacteria involved in acne formation. This means skin which is particularly prone to acne-related issues can benefit greatly from the use of seaweed consistently.
  • Diminish fine lines and wrinkles
Laminaria Digitata, a seaweed containing rich sources of amino acids and natural antioxidants (vitamin C), promotes the production of collagen, leading to smoother lines and a reduction in wrinkles.
  • Healing Acne, Rosacea and sensitive skin
Particular seaweed has natural anti-inflammatory properties, containing magnesium and zinc (known to help improve the appearance of redness for sensitive and hypersensitive skin). Additionally, this can form a protective barrier, protecting skin further from harsh environmental conditions.
  • Natural Exfoliant
An organic exfoliant, helps to remove naturally occurring dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, improving the look and feel.
  • Organic Moisturiser

Containing fatty acids and polysaccharides (such as alginic acid), seaweed can help skin lock in moisture and protect skin from drying out further.


woman exfoliating

Is seaweed good for dry skin?

Seaweed is fantastic for dry skin, not only for the benefits listed previously but for its great availability and variety. Many of the species contain these properties and they are readily available from sustainable sources. With so many potential uses, it’s no wonder it’s widely used for dry skincare products on a global scale.

Where do we get our seaweed? 

Naturally occurring seaweed ecosystems are under threat from forms of human activity. Dredging of Kelp, for example, is destroying crucial developments of kelp needed for the production of fisheries and surrounding habitats. It’s with this in mind that Bee Clean Soaps is determined to use locally sourced, sustainable and carbon-rich seaweed found along the beautiful Yorkshire coast, farmed and produced by Seagrown. An ethical solution to the demand for seaweed, since 2018 Seagrown has focussed its efforts on producing its finest kelp all whilst helping to mitigate the climate crisis. Find out more…


seaweed habitat


Why do we use seaweed in our soap?

We use seaweed kelp and dulse in our all-natural artisan soap bar because we care about bringing the luxurious quality of our soaps to life without needlessly harming the planet in the process. We love our Seaweed soap and the numerous skincare benefits it provides. We’re contributing directly to local companies with like-minded goals, supporting each other and making a difference together. Spreading our ‘Clean Body. Clean Planet’ motto, one soap bar at a time…


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