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Wonky bag £5

Wonky bag £5

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We are a sustainable company so really dislike waste . Our wonky bags contain some soaps that are perfectly good soap , still of our high quality : but there may be an imperfection in the shape , or they might have been on out on display so the scent is not as strong  as we would want. So we bundle these up into bags of at least 2 soaps and often extras. If you fancy a total surprise bag of Bee Clean Goodies , for a bargain price , just add one to your order . And we Thankyou for helping to keep us and you , sustainable and waste free as well as plastic free, natural , and all round great and good for our planet .

please note that the image shows a variety of products that could be in your bag .. we cannot guarantee the contents as it depends on what we have been making or is ready at the time we put the bags together … we can guarantee that they will be products made in our Yorkshire workshop . 

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